Maybe Merguez

Lunch in a hurry (that’s where it all falls down every time) was brown bread toast and butter, spicy merguez sausages and a delicious wholefoodie bean puree of borlottis with fruity olive oil and ground cumin.  The beans were good, the rest less so.  I buy the beans in open air markets in Croatia, usually Dolac in Zagreb but last year I picked some up in the market in Zadar too.  They are pink and speckled and last ages.  There’s a real meaty smell while they cook.

I want more than just a wholefoodie side dish but I’m not superhuman.  Despite packing boxes and working, I did still manage to soak and cook the beans so that’s not too bad for a Sunday.  I probably should steer clear of merguez though, gurgle gurgle…


Still working the pink rice and lentils

I’m not finding the WordPress platform particularly intuitive and on iPad it’s been disastrous so far but I’ll get used to it, or shift to something else.  I’m more familiar with blogger.

Dinner was warm pink rice and lentils, cold sweetcorn, raw courgette ribbons in olive oil and coriander, chicons (Belgian endive) and a good dollop of mint cucumber yoghurt (blitzed in the food processor).  Topped off with green chili in olive oil.  And there’s some ice cream with my name on it for later.  But a whole foodie dinner two days in a row and lovely dried beans from Croatia soaking overnight for tomorrow nonetheless.

Go easy on the pumpkin this Halloween

The picture below is what happens to me when I eat pumpkin. And tomatoes. And carrots, onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and any fruit except – hallelujah – lemons and limes. So how easy is it going to be to be Katy Whole Foodie with a fructose allergy?

When I wholefooded before I didn’t have the problem with fruit sugar so these days I tend to live on courgettes (zucchini), celery and other green veggies. It makes it more of a challenge and certainly easier to live on bread, cheese and chocolate but that’s not doing me any good. When people come round I prepare great platters of grilled veggies but I don’t take the time to do it for myself. Let’s see how I get on now I’ve made this new commitment to being Katy Whole Foodie. And yes, I’ll be pumpkin-free this Halloween.

Lapsed Whole Foodie Seeking Redemption

I’m a 35 year old food lover, keen to get back to a whole foods way of eating.  Whole foods just feel better and yet most of the time, I’m eating on the run at all the wrong times and not planning my food at all.  Right now, I’m consuming a lot of sugar and I know I feel better when I eat more whole foods.  I also prefer to eat less meat for health and environment reasons.  So here I am, a lapsed whole foodie looking to get back on track.

It’s not about eating whole foods 100% of the time as I enjoy eating out especially Thai food (and did I mention the ice cream?!) but some years back I ate by Optimum Nutrition principles and felt a lot better, using it to overcome serious immune system issues.  So what happened to me?

I used the good foods to get my health back on track but then began the slippery slope of work, travel, sugar, energy slumps, more sugar and so on… so now it’s time.  I’ll use this blog to share my whole foodie thoughts, meals etc.  If you’re interested in becoming more whole foodie or you have tips and meal ideas to share, please join in the conversation.

It won’t be Katy Whole Foodie every day but I’ll be blogging on my progress, starting with tonight’s dinner of pink rice (yes really), lentils, sweetcorn, samosa, cucumber andfresh coriander, yoghurt and a little pickled cauliflower.  It was wholefoodielicious…