So I got on the scales

This blog is not about weight, weight loss, deprivation or any of it. No, I am not having any of that! It’s about a better way of eating and feeling energized as a result. May Optimum Nutrition and all his healthy little chums be welcome at my table. But that said, I haven’t weighed myself in months.

In fact, for the last month or so, my scales were at the office as we were shipping stuff and had to weigh it. But when I took them from the bathroom, they were pretty dusty. So I took them back this morning and let’s say that all the meals on the hoof have not helped. Probably the chocolate and ice cream didn’t help much either! And let’s not talk about my Sprite habit… I will not hear talk of dieting, that just isn’t my thing but it’ll be ski season soon and while I vow every year that I’m going to ‘get fit for ski season’, somehow ski season comes around and I’m less fit each year. So there’s fit and there’s food and the two are clearly linked. What I’m writing here is not rocket science but it helps (me) to get it down. Sometimes we do need reminding about these things.

My friends are really kind and point out that I don’t drink and I don’t smoke (you’re tall, you carry it well etc etc and thanks guys, I love you for it) but I have to face facts, I need to get my butt to the gym, or at least to the swimming pool.

Diet food is disgusting. This morning I had two boiled eggs (nice) and Ryvita. Seriously, Ryvita? Unless they’re smothered with houmous or something real, I cannot see how a Ryvita resembles food. I had them on my desk and they slid off, onto the floor, breaking into about six pieces. Food does not slide. That’s not normal.

So by lunchtime I was back at the Thai restaurant (quick, tasty and pretty natural) and dinner was a scrumptious rice raita (basmati, cucumber and thick Greek yoghurt). I was a bit peckish later on so I had a modest piece (note, not a hunk) of the most deelicious brie we bought at the market. And now I’m going to bed, a little peckish still but I have leftover rice raita for breakfast. Before my meeting which is actually taking place at the gym. Will I make it into the pool afterwards? Let’s see…


Give me whole foods!

Another really poor week on the nutritional index.  Too many rushed business lunches, plenty of ice cream then on Friday night instead of getting down to my whole foodie roots, I said ‘let’s celebrate the bank holiday weekend by stuffing ourselves with pizza, English chocolate, ice cream and Sprite’.  I may not have uttered those exact words but you get the general idea.  Doh! as some would say.

So this morning, we went to Gare de Midi market and stocked up on veggies including some nice looking avocadoes and limes.

Here are some photos from earlier whole foodie meals that didn’t make it onto the blog.

A hint of Spanish

Chickpeas, serrano ham and mushrooms with paprika (pimenton dulce), covered in coriander were a good start to the weekend.  After that, pizza, ice cream, Thai, Pain Quotidien and frites were not so wholefoodie but pretty tasty.  So tonight, I’m going to pull as many veggies as possible out of the fridge and see what I can throw together.  And tomorrow is another week!

A few veggies

The last few days have been quite busy so the leftover potato and pea curry came in handy. Baked potato, roast chicken and nice veggies – flat green beans and Swiss chard with olive oil and butter – made an appearance yesterday. Today was lunch out and dinner out and a very late lunch.

We decided in the office today only to buy healthy snacks so I’ve been having fun surfing online for organic, fair-trade and local products.

Lunch out tomorrow then I’m home. Time to roll the rest of the delicious veggies I bought on Tuesday’s bank holiday.

And a late night snack of Belgian endive (chicons) with olive oil, balsamic and salt.

Apart from the incredible iced coffee, a pretty whole foodie day

The iced coffee was sensational so I wouldn’t change that for a minute.  Today is a bank holiday in Belgium so I took the afternoon off.  It felt like skipping school and it was so good!  First I went out to Rue Malibran (Brussels) to stock up on veggies.  The lovely guy at the veg shop actually put the boxes in the car for me.  I have had the nicest human interactions today.  It shows I really should leave the office more often.  I stopped to scoop up some packing boxes from the recycling outside a block of flats when a guy saw me and asked if I needed more boxes.  He then proceeded to give me his boxes from his garage.  What a lovely day.

Anyway, the food… Lunch was the freshest, long green peppers filled with big pungent basil leaves, cold pink rice (totally hooked on the pink rice as you can see) and fried slices of halloumi on top.  Pickled veggies and spicy olives on the side, a drizzling of olive oil and sprinkling of crunchy salt (is there any other kind?).

I’ve never had halloumi before and apart from it spitting and burning me in the face (and putting oil all over my new Boden top, grrrr) it was delicious.  Next time, I’ll use less olive oil.  It doesn’t seem to need much.  It’s salty, chewy and delicious.  I thought it was traditionally made with sheep’s milk but the one I managed to get was a sheep, goat and cow’s milk melange.  Scrumptious.

Dinner is potato and pea curry, although I ran out of ground coriander and hadn’t realised.  Still, I can’t get enough of this soupy, yoghurty curry.  I make it a lot.

Skipping off school is great.  To be done more often…