Greens and miso

Organic Thai brown rice cooked in homemade chicken stock in the rice cooker.  Kale ‘steamed’ in the microwave, added to the rice cooker with miso soup and seaweed.  This was a pretty heavy-going lunch but so healthy!


Getting into greens

We’re now getting a weekly organic veg box delivered which is fantastic and as we’ve opted for local food, that means lots of greens, chard and kale through the winter.  I love greens as long as I can smother them in olive oil and a good sprinkling of gomasio (sesame and salt) helps too.  I’ve cooked them in the microwave which is new for me but as I currently don’t have a  kitchen, it’s easier than dragging out the electric steamer.  And it worked well.

Wholefoodie office lunches

My new office has a small kitchen, really just a microwave and a fridge but I used a rice cooker to cook up Thai brown rice and red lentils.  I ate this with tamari seeds and nuts, olive oil (of course!) and raw fennel and endive (chicon in Belgium) with a liberal sprinkling of gomasio (sesame and sea salt) with seaweed.  Although I did wolf down a lemon tart before lunch, this was a nice and meditative lunch.

Back to work today

Part of my healthy eating whole foodie resolution is to eat breakfast.  Admittedly I didn’t finish it until well after 11am but I managed a thick slice of my Mum’s rye bread (with seeds and extra caraway) with some nut butter and olive oil.  It was tasty and not too hard to get down.  If I could eat that bread every day, I’d consider getting a breadmaker.

Lunch was a good handful of almonds (fried and salted ones but I haven’t got into the raw ones yet) and some corn crackers.  Probably I’ll grab something else in a bit but having moved house into a place with no kitchen, I’m culinarily challenged for a while.  All manner of electronic cooking equipment will come into play – the rice cooker, griddle pan and combi microwave should see me right for a few weeks.

And dinner, well, I might just head out to the local Thai!

Happy New Year, Whole Foodies

What a Christmas season it was. Turkey, pork and more turkey. Roast potatoes galore (and my Mum makes the best roast potatoes, just knocking my Nan off the top spot. But please don’t tell my Nan), chipolatas and all the other Christmas fare. We had food. We had fun. And in the midst of all that food and fiesta (I was in Spain so I’m not being pretentious), there were a few whole foodie highlights, natural beacons in a sea of pork. My pre-Christmas red lentil curry and lots of delicious avocado salads. At this time of year, you can buy Spanish avocados and Spanish grapefruit. I just found out that I can eat grapefruit despite my fructose allergy as they are quite sour. Yum! I added wild rocket to the avocado salad and local lemon and just wished I could eat like that all year round. And my New Year’s Resolution? To be a good Whole Foodie of course! All the best to you and yours and may the whole foods be plentiful.