Back to work today

Part of my healthy eating whole foodie resolution is to eat breakfast.  Admittedly I didn’t finish it until well after 11am but I managed a thick slice of my Mum’s rye bread (with seeds and extra caraway) with some nut butter and olive oil.  It was tasty and not too hard to get down.  If I could eat that bread every day, I’d consider getting a breadmaker.

Lunch was a good handful of almonds (fried and salted ones but I haven’t got into the raw ones yet) and some corn crackers.  Probably I’ll grab something else in a bit but having moved house into a place with no kitchen, I’m culinarily challenged for a while.  All manner of electronic cooking equipment will come into play – the rice cooker, griddle pan and combi microwave should see me right for a few weeks.

And dinner, well, I might just head out to the local Thai!


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