We’re All At It!

What a wonderful whole foodie week it has been!  At work we all got on the whole foodie bandwagon this week and have been eating brown rice, veggies, salads, nuts and seeds, seaweed and lashings of olive oil and gomasio for lunch.  It might sound a bit hippy commune but I’m really starting to see the value in stopping for lunch and eating ‘real food’.  We’ve had a lovely brown Thai rice from the bio shop.  The next thing I’m going to try is buckwheat (kasha) in the rice cooker.  I’m going to be in the US with all my veggie friends for the next month so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep this up.  I do feel better for it too.  Yay, whole foods!

Thanks Ladies for eating with me!



Whole Foodie Heaven: Greens

After a weekend spent scrubbing, cleaning and shifting boxes around, I needed something wholesome and cleansing for dinner.  So I cooked up some organic Thai brown rice in the rice cooker and served it with steamed red sprouts, raw courgette ribbons in olive oil, delicious Italian green tomato and half an avocado.  And a generous helping of olive oil and salt.  Really good and healthy.