A new kind of processed food

As a general rule I try to avoid processed food (apart from cheese, butter and chocolate!) but I wanted something quick and healthy from the health food shop.  I bought a bottle of chili peanut sauce, mung bean noodles and three grain tempeh.  I’ve not tried cooking with tempeh before so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I fried off the tempeh in some olive oil and soaked the noodles in hot water.  When the tempeh was sauteed, I added some of the peanut sauce to the hot pan, put the drained noodles back into the plan and added a little water to make it more saucy.  Coriander root sprinkled over to serve.

It was pretty good but the tempeh was in too big chunks.  Next time, I’ll cut it smaller.  It has a slightly weird taste!  Does anyone have suggestions of what to do with it?  I think it could be like tofu that it benefits from being marinaded.





Katy Whole Foodie Stateside

I’m in the US for a month, in the mountains of Colorado, enjoying clean air and snow.  In a small town with a nice, but very expensive, health food shop, I’m managing to keep up the whole foodie vibe, at least some of the time.  That is when I’m not eating Mexican or Asian food out!

There was a delicious asparagus soup with just a hint of green chili, served with a seaweed salad, yoghurt and cucumber dressing, quinoa, gomasio and raw courgette and fennel.

Then a healthier take on a hefty pre-skiing breakfast of sprouted wheat muffins, bacon, poached egg and big pile of spinach.  I tried a new breakfast today of rice porridge with succanat (dried sugar cane) and a little milk.  It was actually pretty good.

And a new snack of cottage cheese with green chili.  Chop fresh green chili and marinade in good olive oil.  Add to cottage cheese, or any soft/fresh cheese.  Inspired!