Sprouted lentils

We’ve been sprouting lentils recently before cooking them.  Yesterday I left the house in the morning and there were small sprouts.  By the time I got home, the sprouts were enormous.  So I whacked them in the fridge and cooked them today in the rice cooker.  Served on a bed of rocket with some nice fruity Portuguese olive oil and sprinkled with fleur de sel and pepper, this was a tasty lunch.




Salmon, fennel and wheat berries

I haven’t done a whole foodie blog in ages. I didn’t think yet more pictures of rice and lentils, raw courgette and fennel would cut it, plus I had an injury, well two, after kissing the mountain in Colorado. Still, I’m back on my feet and tried something new – wholewheat wheat berries. In Belgium, you can buy Ebly which is a pre-cooked wheat grain but I found the wholemeal version, organic, from Colruyt. It was really tasty and nutty, just cooked in salted water and served here with some lemon juice and olive oil, raw fennel (again…) and poached salmon.