Getting Whole Foodie in Spain

I’m now in Spain for the summer and making the most of the lovely olive oil, bought from a local farmer and organic veg from the writer of the excellent fincafood blog.  I haven’t taken pictures (slap on wrist) but here are some of the tasty treats I’ve assembled with this great produce.
– Andalucian take on ratatouille (courgette, aubergine, chickpeas and small dice of chorizo)

– Hot lemon water in the morning with organic lemons (OK, I had a KitKat with it this morning but it is a good start to the day)

– Dalmatinska blitva (a Croatian dish of Swiss chard and potatoes)

– Croatian rocket and potato salad (rucola i krumpir – if I’ve written that right)

– Courgette salad

– Aubergines slow-cooked in lots of olive oil

I’ll take photos next time!  Until then, bon appetit…