More Ratatouille Andaluz

I took pictures this time.  It’s aubergine, courgette, chick peas, tinned artichoke, sweetcorn and a very little bit of chorizo all slow-ImageImagecooked in olive oil with ground cumin and oregano.  To be served with slices of polenta lightly fried in olive oil.  


Getting Whole Foodie in Spain

I’m now in Spain for the summer and making the most of the lovely olive oil, bought from a local farmer and organic veg from the writer of the excellent fincafood blog.  I haven’t taken pictures (slap on wrist) but here are some of the tasty treats I’ve assembled with this great produce.
– Andalucian take on ratatouille (courgette, aubergine, chickpeas and small dice of chorizo)

– Hot lemon water in the morning with organic lemons (OK, I had a KitKat with it this morning but it is a good start to the day)

– Dalmatinska blitva (a Croatian dish of Swiss chard and potatoes)

– Croatian rocket and potato salad (rucola i krumpir – if I’ve written that right)

– Courgette salad

– Aubergines slow-cooked in lots of olive oil

I’ll take photos next time!  Until then, bon appetit…