Making tapas at home

The tapas craving hit but I was nowhere near a tapas bar.  So I threw some together at home.  Slices of green tomato with olive oil and salt, scallops with lardons, broad beans and chilli, oyster mushroom croquettes (shop bought), manchego cheese, bread, fresh figs, black olives with lemon zest and mugs of soup made with chicken stock, chorizo, chick peas and celery.  

Tapas at home

Courgette flowers and summer salads

I’ve not been growing salads myself but relying on the organic farm shop at Finca La Micaela in Vera, Spain.  Here we’ve been buying young courgettes with flowers, salad leaves, herbs and purslane which is totally delicious in salads, especially the knobbly flowers!  Friday night is salad night fresh from the farm shop.  You can tear up the courgette flowers (removing any ants or bugs carefully first!) and add them to the salad.  Thin ribbons of raw courgette are added with all the other goodies.  This salad doesn’t need more than olive oil and salt to dress it.


Courgette flowers in salad


Young courgettes with flowers




Anyone for an edible loofah?

I didn’t know you could eat loofahs but my wonderful local organic farm shop, Finca La Micaela (check out the fincafood blog), sells them.  They look like a spiny cucumber but they smell so delicious and nutty.  The taste is not as nutty as the smell but sliced across, they make a delicious star-shaped addition to summer salads.  These are the same loofahs as are used as scratchy sponges only right now they’re small and edible.  I’m hoping to see them transform into big loofahs over the coming months and maybe get one for Christmas!