Greens Are The New Comfort Food

The last month has been a bit of a rollercoaster after I broke up with my boyfriend of nine years. Quitting sugar six months before was a catalyst to some big changes including the sad decision to move on from the safe, the familiar, the good.

In the past, this kind of upheaval would have sent me nosediving into a pot of Ben & Jerry’s but since cleaning up my food and stabilising my energy, I feel so good physically that I wasn’t even tempted to stray from the sugar-free clean living path.

Instead, I let greens be my solace.  Greens are my comfort food. After the break-up, I went to my aunt’s where I had homegrown chard and poached eggs from the chickens in the garden for breakfast.  And I discovered that poached eggs on chard is the ultimate breakfast, sometimes with sauteed potatoes thrown in too.  A plate of steamed tenderstem broccoli makes the perfect starter, drizzled with good olive oil and salt.  The following week on business in Switzerland, I hit the salad bar in an Italian restaurant and piled up my plate with red and green cabbage, chickpeas and cucumber.

Life seems so much better with giant helpings of greens!






Transforming Salad


I sat looking at a box of leftover salad, mainly Belgian endive (chicon) with a little carrot and cucumber and some sweetcorn. I was enjoying a meal with a friend but plain chicon was not doing it for me.

So I jumped up and grabbed what I think of as my staple condiments – toasted sesame oil, brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, chilli and furikake (a mix of sesame and seaweed). I seasoned, threw on some more nori flakes and my salad was transformed.

These are ingredients you can find in most big supermarkets and if not, at a health food store or Asian supermarket. The chilli I used was a mix including dried mandarin peel which gives it a lovely tang but regular chilli flakes or even a shake of red pepper sauce like Tabasco would do it.

Not only does this seasoning transform salad but I felt transformed afterwards too!