Katy’s Green Juice

My love of green juice gets a mixed reaction from my friends. Some will sip it and say “Mm, not bad”, others violently gag at just the mention of it. So Trina, this is for you, ha ha.

Fresh juice doesn’t keep that well as it loses its vitamins but I’ve made a double batch and it’s in glass jars in the fridge for tomorrow. Life is very busy right now and nothing picks me up like green juice with plenty of ginger.

2 cucumbers
2 celery
1 big lemon
1 bulb of fennel
Big hunk of root ginger

The fennel is something I add from time to time but the other four ingredients are my standard recipe. I serve it in a wine glass if I’m not glugging it straight out of the jar.

I prepared an avocado with some of the nuts from my trail mix (almonds, cashews and roasted corn), lashings of olive oil and some black pepper.




Red Cabbage Time

One of the cheapest and most yummy vegetables, I love the deep colour of red cabbage and its crunch. I picked up a big red cabbage today for 1.19 euro, cut off a chunk, chopped it into pieces, sprinkled it with a generous pinch of sea salt. I leave the salt on for about ten minutes then pour over some balsamic vinegar. I let the whole thing sit for a few minutes while I toast some sunflower seeds in a dry pan. Then the toasted seeds go on top and the whole thing is a lovely, dark red crunch fest.

Today I also picked up some beautiful smoked mackerel for 2.50 euro from a Polish supermarket. It was the moistest, softest fish ever and perfect paired with the red cabbage salad.