Genius Green Tea Yoghurt

Since I quit sugar almost a year ago, I have missed green tea sweets. I used to enjoy green tea ice cream, green tea mochi and even the weird green tea biscuits I got at the Asian supermarket.

I decided I needed to find a green tea recipe I could have. And not just matcha lattes, although I do love them.

I had some lovely Greek yoghurt. I added a little matcha powder and mixed it well. To add some extra goodness and colour, I put black chia seeds on top. This was a very tasty sugar-free dessert.

I made some up in a Tupperware to take to the airport for breakfast. As chia thickens things, it was a tasty green tea pudding by the time I mixed it together next morning.

I need to get back to eating breakfast so this gives me another easy go-to breakfast. The green tea is mildly stimulating. Chia is great for digestion and full of protein. I buy big pots of Greek yoghurt from the supermarket in Spain or in Brussels from the Turkish shops (10% fat Turkish yoghurt).

And my green tea ice cream craving? Well, it’s gone! Just don’t add too much matcha or it is overpowering.



Revueltos de la Huerta (Scrambled Eggs with Veggies)

Spanish food has lots of egg recipes, especially tortilla, the fat potato and onion omelette popular in tapas bars across Spain. Another Spanish egg dish is based on scrambled eggs, or revueltos and features veggies.

I had picked up some lovely asparagus and broccoli which I fried in olive oil. I added ground cumin then added a lid for a few minutes to cook the veg. I added four eggs lightly beaten and continued cooking until the eggs were done and the veg were still crunchy.

This was a great green food breakfast dish which would be nice at any time of day.


Mighty Travel Snack Pack

I travel a lot. And I travel with snacks. Lots of snacks!

This Mighty Snack Pack went with me on a recent trip to London:
– Tupperware with big chunks of delicious ripe avocado, olive oil, salt and the nuts from my trail mix
– Spork (weird but very handy knife/fork/spoon combo from camping shops)
– Chia shots (portion packs of chia seeds) for when I could get my hands on some good yoghurt
– Melba toasts (organic from Colruyt as they have sesame in them)
– Organic carrot, celery and snack packs of peanut butter (Jif from the US)
– Babybel (yes, my cheese habits resemble a 5-year old’s but I blame jalapeƱo cheese strings in the US. They get me hooked on portion packs)
– Roasted seaweed from the Asian supermarket

London is a whole foodie’s paradise anyway but having my Mighty Snack Pack set me off on the right track. I then hit up Whole Foods Market in Kensington for green juice, salad bar, a carnitas burrito (America, I miss you!) and plain yoghurt. I drank lots of miso soup from Pret and bought seaweed onigiri (seaweed salad in sushi rice wrapped in nori – yep, double seaweed!) from Wasabi.

I’m like a whole foodie Girl Scout when I travel. I like to be prepared!


Zen Rice Bowl

Afternoons in the office call for a nice healthy snack. Usually trail mix, celery and peanut butter or some cheese do the job but if I’m out in the evening I want something more substantial.

We often cook brown rice at lunch. I warmed some leftover rice, quickly rehydrated some sea vegetable salad, added olive oil, salt and a little balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic is not a natural partner to seaweed but I didn’t have rice vinegar on hand. I added just enough for an acidic edge but not enough so it tasted of balsamic.

Mix it round and this tasty rice bowl makes a substantial afternoon snack. I’m not a drinker but I imagine this would make a good (pre-cleansing?!) snack before a night out on the tiles. A sprinkling of chilli furikake (seaweed sprinkle) would do wonders too.


Team Lunch: Salad Bar Bowl

I love salad bars. They are probably the reason why I love Whole Foods Market so much. All that variety. A little bit of this and that and a sprinkling of the other. It’s whole foodie heaven.

Now and then, mostly on a Monday, I bring lunch for my colleagues. It saves them spending their weekend fussing about lunch and it brings us together to reconnect after the weekend.

Inspired by salad bars I have known and loved, I took my biggest bowl and started putting little piles of individual ingredients in. This was not a mixed salad!

Celery, seaweed salad (spiced up), sweetcorn, Belgian endive (chicon), carrot, red cabbage, hard boiled eggs and freshly toasted sunflower seeds all went in in different sections, dressed simply with olive oil, salt and a little balsamic vinegar. As a treat on the side, I fried potatoes in olive oil and salted them well.

It was a crunchy feast and the potatoes went down very well.


Greens Glorious Greens

I threw together a quick lunch of stir-fried broccoli, courgette (zucchini), sunflower seeds and toasted sesame oil. The broccoli stems are peeled and chopped so there’s almost no waste.

Start stir-frying the broccoli florets and stems in a mixture of olive oil and toasted sesame oil. After a couple of minutes, add the courgette then when it’s all done, add in some sunflower seeds for a quick toasting.

Served with some goat’s cheese dressed with a little olive oil and dried oregano.


For The Love Of Witloof

This one’s for my Belgian friends who don’t think about Belgian endive (chicon in French, witloof in Flemish) as a salad vegetable. In Belgium, endive is usually cooked in a delicious gratin with ham, cheese and mashed potato but I eat a lot of it as salad.

Dressed simply with good olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and salt, it’s a bitter, crunchy treat. Seasonal in winter and grown locally, this is an inexpensive veggie that I can’t get enough of.

Tonight, I made a simple Slaatje (salad) of red cabbage, endive and goat’s cheese with olive oil, aged balsamic, salt and oregano. Watch out Belgian friends. You will be served raw endive soon!