How To Travel Healthy

I travel a lot.  And I like to travel.  But staying healthy on the road can be a challenge.  For me, it’s particularly tricky in the US where High Fructose Corn Syrup is in pretty much everything and if it isn’t, there’s sugar or some form of sugar.  I’m allergic to fructose and try to avoid sugar so I’m at my most creative in the US.

Right now, I’m staying in a Home2 Suites hotel which has a kitchenette in the room.  That means I have access to a full-size fridge and freezer.  Breakfast is a big spread downstairs but as I know I can’t eat much on an American hotel breakfast buffet, I came prepared.

When I arrived in Philadelphia yesterday, I went out to see what snacks I could buy close to the hotel.  I need to be able to read the labels on food to check for fructose and its other sweet friends.  There wasn’t a supermarket in sight but drugstores in the US sell some food.  I’m resisting the temptation to write ‘food’ with inverted commas because I did manage to find some real stuff.

I bought organic whole milk from Stonyfield (check out the CE-yo’s book Stirring It Up: How To Make Money And Save The World, one of my favourite green business stories), Grape Nuts (a cheap, sugar-free wheat-based cereal), raw almonds, chai tea bags and some extremely salty and yummy Muti-Seed Crackers by a company called Crunchmaster (only in America, you can’t make this stuff up!).  Then I hit the Chinese supermarket and got frozen edamame beans, roasted seaweed, a nice bunch of greens and a lemon.

This morning, I arrived at breakfast armed with a handful of raw greens and some slices of lemon in my Lifefactory glass bottle (which I bought in San Diego last year and I love).  I added hot water to the lemon, steamed the greens in a bowl with a plate on top in the microwave.  Thankfully, Home2 Suites use real plates and real cutlery (silverware) which makes such a nice change from the usual plastic and shows they are more environmentally-aware.

Then inspired by my location, I added some Philadelphia cream cheese to the greens, slivered almonds on top and two hardboiled eggs.  Everything came from the buffet apart from the greens and the lemon.  My only packaging waste was the portion pack of Philadelphia and a paper packet of salt, much less than the average American hotel breakfast generates.  I had never thought to add cream cheese to greens before but it’s really good!

I’ve got a cold so I’m not feeling too great.  This is a great start to the day.  As I’m on the edge of Chinatown with really affordable foot massages, I’m going to get some reflexology later and walk to Whole Foods Market for a green juice.


It would be rude not to...

Greens, Lifefactory glass bottle and my guide book

Greens, Lifefactory glass bottle and my guide book


Stocking up on healthy foods


Steamed greens with cream cheese, almonds and hard-boiled eggs