Salad Bowl Lunches

As I travel a lot, I like to make a big healthy lunch for my colleagues when I come back.  Or on a Monday. Or just when I feel like it.  We are a pretty healthy bunch who always eat lunch together and I like to bring something to the communal table.

Take a big salad bowl and pile good stuff in until it’s full to bursting.  That’s basically it!

This one includes:
– Fried tofu (a quick press and marinade of sesame, soy and chilli then fried in olive oil)
– Grated carrot and kohlrabi with sesame oil, rice vinegar and white sesame seeds
– Seaweed salad (a packet of Clearspring seaweed quickly rehydrated)
– Freshly-cooked quinoa (still warm)
– Mushrooms cooked in butter and mushroom ketchup (similar to Worcestershire sauce but contains anchovy so not veggie)
– Grated cucumber in yoghurt as a side dish
– Topped with alfalfa sprouts (bought from the bio shop but usually I do my own)

In the interest of time, I used my Magimix to grate the veggies instead of chopping and didn’t marinade the tofu more than a few minutes.  It was still pretty good.





I So Love Kale

Basically, I’ve scored a supply of fresh kale. And I can’t get enough of it. The more you pick, the more it seems to flourish so my fridge holds a big bag of the green curly stuff.

In the US, I had it raw in salads as Whole Foods Market has it on their salad bar. In the restaurant Juliette in Willamsburg, New York, I had it with artichokes in a cream sauce and fried eggs on top as the perfect green brunch dish. And in the restaurant Bacchus in Brooklyn, New York, I had a wonderful kale Caesar salad.

At home, I keep it simple. Just chop the stems into pieces with scissors, drop in some olive oil and fry gently for a couple of minutes. Add some chili flakes (I use the Japanese ones with dried mandarine peel, totally delicious), then add in the chopped leaves and put a lid on to steam for a couple of minutes.

Just don’t overcook it. A bit crunch is good. I can eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three!