Frothy Matcha Milkshake

When I quit sugar over a year ago, I accepted there were some things I would never eat again. And I’m ok with that. And yet, over time, I’ve found a few good substitutes like my matcha lattes and green tea yoghurt.

I’m in Spain for the summer and today I’m absolutely melting in 40 degrees C temperatures. I got home and threw some ice cubes, full cream milk (plant milk would work too), matcha powder and 3 drops of stevia and Boom, green tea milkshake.

I’ve tried to use stevia sparingly as I wanted to lose the taste of sweet stuff. If you lose the taste, you lose the craving. Craving sweet stuff fades quickly once you quit cold turkey. But in the summer when it’s so hot, I find myself wanting a little sweetness.

This is delicious and refreshing.




Guacamole Bowl

A super easy snack or light supper which could easily be beefed up into a meal to share with some lettuce, tortillas, black beans, grated cheese and sour cream.

In most of Europe, avocados in the supermarket come from Peru, Israel and sometimes South Africa. This means that I do think twice before buying them too often although many everyday products like rice, tea, coffee and lentils also come from outside Europe. Fruits and vegetables are mostly flown “for freshness” giving them a greater carbon footprint than products which are shipped by sea not air.

When I spend my summers in Spain, I can get locally-grown avocados from my village. So I indulge freely.

To make the guacamole, I mush up an avocado, the juice of a lime, coriander (cilantro) and salt. Then fresh crunchy veggies to dip in it – halved radishes, carrot and celery sticks and lettuce leaves.



Hash Browns And Eggs

This post is for Trina, Robin and Zoe, my partners in crime when it comes to hash browns!

You’re probably horrified that I would post something as UNHEALTHY as hash browns on a whole foods blog. But I don’t live on green juice all day everyday. I might have quit sugar but I like salty and greasy as much as the next gal. If you listen to your body, there is a time and place for a little comfort food.

At least by making my own hash browns, I know what goes in them (just real ingredients – potatoes, olive oil and butter), the oil isn’t overheated and is only used once.

I’m not going to argue that homemade hash browns are HEALTHY but at some point I’m going to eat fried potatoes so I might as well make them myself.

Pop a couple of fried eggs on top and this is the perfect brunch dish. I like it for dinner as well. I guess I’ll need a green juice in the morning to clear some of the grease!

If you too want greasy, salty homemade yumminess on demand, here’s how you do it:
– Grate potatoes on a wide grater. I use my Magimix
– Lay the grated potato out on a fine-meshed sieve. I have a gigantic one for salting veggies
– Sprinkle liberally with salt. This is the only time I use cheap sea salt
– The salt helps drain the water but you need to give the grated potato a good squeeze. I enjoy pressing and squeezing the potato to get the water out
– Heat olive oil and butter in a nonstick pan. I use a ceramic pan. Don’t be squeamish here. It takes lashings and lashings of oil and butter to do this properly
– Fry the potato in a layer until it starts to brown then turn the layer. I add a little black pepper
– In a second pan, fry some eggs in olive oil and voila, delicious hash browns and eggs

It’s quite ok to make the hash browns beforehand then just fry them a little more before you serve them.




Veggie Heaven: Grilled Polenta And Asparragus

I feel I hit veggie heaven with this one.

Heat a griddle pan really hot and add a little olive oil. Trim the green asparagus and put it on the hot griddle. Using tongs, keep turning the asparagus until it is cooked but still has some bite. Take out of the pan and sprinkle with crunchy salt.

I buy blocks of cooked polenta. You can make polenta from scratch but this is so quick and easy. Oil up the griddle pan again and griddle thick slices of polenta. Turn it regularly so it doesn’t stick and you’ll get nice slices of grilled polenta.

If you have fresh rosemary, throw some on the griddle pan with the polenta. Plate up the polenta with asparagus on top.

This is quick and totally delicious.





Matcha Latte

I can’t get enough of matcha lattes. Creamy, frothy and green. I love green drinks. There’s a grassy, earthy taste to matcha, not unlike wheatgrass.

I use a milk frother which makes it so easy but you could heat the milk in a pan or the microwave then whisk in the matcha. Or to preserve all the goodness of the matcha, mix it with cold milk then add the hot milk.

Makes one mug:
One mug creamy milk plus a splash extra
Three drops liquid stevia
One teaspoon ground matcha

Put it all in the milk frother and heat. If it doesn’t mix completely, whisk or throw in the blender.