Burned Kale Is Disgusting!

Ah, kale chips… that health food urban legend.  Apparently, they taste as good as potato chips.  I’ve been talking about giving them a try for a couple of years now.  With my fresh haul of kale from the CSA farm (see previous post), I decided today was the day.

Inspired by the fabulous oh she glows post on flawless kale chips but determined to mess about with it in my own way, as ever, I washed the leaves, stripped off the stems, tore them into big pieces then played around with different oils and seasonings.  Orange oil, chilli oil, seaweed salt, gomasio (Japanese sesame salt)…  I sprinkled, rubbed and massaged those lovely green leaves then popped them in the oven at 150C (300F).

What I didn’t do was set a timer.  Making kale chips and working on the laptop in parallel, combined with just generally being a bit of a slapdash cook, resulted in one tray of burned kale chips, one tray with half-burned kale chips and two trays of almost burned kale chips.  They don’t even look burned but once they are at all coloured… yeuck, bleurgh, please don’t make me eat them.

Chilli oil made blow your head off spicy chips.  The orange oil and sesame salt wasn’t a bad combo.

Try again another time?  It seems like a waste of lovely kale but maybe I will.

IMG_0166IMG_0167 IMG_0168 IMG_0165


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Takes Off In Europe

I feel so lucky to be a member of a community farm near Leuven in Belgium.  De Wakkere Akker in Herent is my new safe haven.  I don’t get out there every week as my travel schedule at the moment is crazy but when I walk into the field, I already feel the stresses and strains of city life melt away.  I like it so much that when I first joined, I actually thought about moving out of the city and nearer the farm!

As a great lover of greens, the autumn/winter season excites me possibly more than your average veg eater.  Kale, rainbow chard and cabbages are all the rage right now.  And I’m yet to understand the allure of Brussels sprouts but I’ll get there.

Belgian friends, there is a waiting list from April so contact Jonas at De Wakkere Akker if you’re interested.

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