I Quit Sugar. Again.

I fell off the wagon.  Hard.

At first, I tried moderation.  But I’m an addict and moderation doesn’t work.

After two years of sugar-free clean living, I decided I was “so over” sugar that I could handle it in small doses.

Small doses became big doses became buying ice cream at the gas station. This went on for months.

I quit a second time.  It didn’t last.

This week, I was in Italy.  If anyone knows how to make sugary deliciousness, it’s the Italians. I indulged. Throughout this dance with glucose I’ve been trying to mask tiredness. Why take time off work when you can eat sugar?! Why ask for help when you can have cake?! Why handle your emotions when you can shove chocolate down on top of them?!

After a week-long binge starting at home in Brussels (thank you, Pain Quotidien, your Merveilleux cake was indeed merveilleux) and ending in Italy, I decided enough is enough.

I quit sugar.  Again.  Let’s hope it’s the last time.

Life is good.



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