Smother It On Everything Japanese Dressing

Japanese food feels so clean and healthy.  I can’t get enough of it.  I used to go out of my way to buy double portions of the (incredibly expensive) seaweed salad in sushi restaurants because the combination of flavours in the dressing is so addictive.  Finally, I figured out how to make my own so now I keep a big jar of Japanese dressing in the fridge.  It keeps for weeks (and weeks) if you don’t add the fresh ginger to the basic mix.

Japanese dressing
Add these four star players to a screwtop jar:
1/ Toasted sesame oil
2/ Chilli sauce or chilli flakes
3/ Soy sauce (or tamari for gluten-free peeps)
4/ Rice wine vinegar

When you serve or marinade, you may want to add:
5/ Grated root ginger
6/ Sesame seeds or furikake*

Play around with the quantities until you have something that works for your taste.

Keep it in a jar and shake before using as the oil will separate out.  This is my basic marinade for oh-so-delicious baked tofu and seaweed salad.  It also works on plain rice, any kind of salad (see my Transforming Salad post) or vegetable and as the name suggests, you can smother it on everything!

* Furikake is a Japanese seasoning based on sesame, often with seaweed and chilli or more exotic ingredients like dried mandarine peel.  I’ve seen basic furikake in the supermarket.  For the more elaborate versions, check out your Asian supermarket.  I am a bit obsessed and have several different furikakes in my kitchen.  It livens up any dish and does wonders to rice.


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