One Month Off The Sugar Drug

IMG_2230I made it through the Christmas holidays without cracking for sugar.  It was a pretty quiet time and I ate a LOT of cheese. It’s now been over a month since I gave sugar the boot for the third – and hopefully the last – time.

First time around, I quit for two years, losing 25 kilos in the first year. Then I tried moderation which failed horribly. Five kilos crept back on. I’m not that bothered about the extra weight as it stabilised at five kilos. But I don’t like that I’m not getting exercise, sleeping enough or getting enough whole foodie nutrients. I feel tired.

I looked back over the blog and I’m inspired by some of the dishes I created in the last years. My Vegan Protein Box, the Oh-be-joyful platter, named after a Colorado mountain, and my Creamy Kale Salad are all meals I would be happy to eat again.

Looking back, I saw how important it used to be for me to eat breakfast and the many versions of rice porridge with seeds I would munch my way through. Breakfast is a distant memory these days. There was also lots and lots of green juice, kale, chard, salads and seeds. As well as fats – Greek yoghurt, almonds and cheese.

So where to start? How do I get back on track? Quitting sugar in December was the first step but I’m still feeling hooked on carbs.  My immediate next step is to slow down for a few days and focus on eating the right food. I’ll be working from home next week and taking time out in my day to rest, walk and eat well.

I am heading to the farm this weekend to pick some veggies (and get muddy!) and I need to unpack more boxes since my recent move to find my good knives, spices and my juicer.

Start as you mean to go on, they say. I’ve started today already with marinating pressed tofu in a new mixture (white miso, sesame oil, lemon juice and chilli paste). I’ve been making coconut oil-based chocolates filled with seeds. I need to increase the whole foods nutrient and ditch the carbs.

I know what to do. I know how good it feels when I do it. More energy, better sleep, clear eyes and springy skin… energy to start running and doing more walks… and being able to kick carbs to the kerb instead of them having power over me and my state of mind.

If you’re interested in following my journey, stick with the blog. I’ll be back. It’s a promise I’m making to myself. To be a happier, healthier person once more.


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