A Week Of Protein Bowls

I’m on a protein bowl kick. I’ve found during the week that this is a convenient, fun and healthy way of eating. It was also a comforting way of eating in a pretty shocking week. You don’t have to plan. You just pull out the veggie drawer from the fridge and start assembling.

First, choose your bowl. And there’s a ritual element to this. CHOOSE your bowl. Make a big deal out of the choosing! I have an old-fashioned glass bowl at the office and a beautiful ceramic bowl at home. We’re talking BIG bowls here.

A protein bowl is mainly veggies or salad with some grains and protein, topped with nuts, seeds and sprouts. Total mix and match. Anything goes. Just chop the greens roughly with scissors and put them in the mighty bowl. I’ve played around this week with combinations from the following:

Protein: spicy sausage, organic beef burgers, blue cheese (fourme d’Ambert), quinoa, spelt, eggs, tuna

Veggies: watercress, rocket, carrot, fresh seaweed, seaweed salad, sautéed shiitakes, sweetcorn, avocado

Toppings: sprouted lentils, sprouted seeds, nuts, toasted sunflower seeds, sesame seeds

Dressings: olive oil, balsamic vinegar